25 October 2014

Inspiration: Laurence Ellis

I came across Laurence Ellis when browsing around the internet looking for inspiration and I sure found it when looking through her work. Her work is so simple but yet so striking and interesting, she has an edge to her work but also character. Above is a few of her images that I really find inspiring. Every week I will post a different photographer and different things which inspire me. I need to get back into photography and shoot more since I have graduated from University I've only done one shoot which is pretty disgraceful. I will get back to shooting but at the moment its very hard to shoot on location as the weather is rubbish in the UK, so I will possibly be working in the studio through the winter.

29 July 2014

BEAUTY: Label.m Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil

I’m not really one for beauty reviews but I thought I would talk about this amazing product I got a couple of months ago when I was at Toni and Guy. I really love Moroccan oil don’t get me wrong but sometimes it can be a little thick for my hair, specially when my hair is looking dry and greasy at the same time. I have Jamaican and Indian mixed hair so it’s very hard to find products that truly work for my hair. Some products leave my hair too dry or too greasy looking and it’s usually the roots that are greasy and the ends that are dry, which looks terrible. I would highly recommend this product not only for mixed race hair but also for other hair types also as it doesn’t leave your hair greasy it actually adds a nice shine and also really nourished my hair.

  1. Really left my hair feeling light.
  2. Adds shine to dull looking hair.
  3. Contains Argan oil, which is good for your hair.
  4. Only need a small pea sized amount, which makes the product last longer.
  5. Smells divine!
  6. Less expensive then most oils
  1. If your hair is really dry you may need to use a thicker oil.

28 July 2014

HELPFUL TIPS: How to Stop Overspending

(Image: Pinterest)

We’ve all been there; we all like to buy Clothes, shoes, handbags etc. But when buying becomes an obsession how do you cope? I’m a victim of overspending and tend to spend a lot of money on clothing and shoes specially when I’ve seen an item I like on a blogger and it looks amazing, I literally have to have it, I have no patience when it comes to saving and then buying clothes. The reason why I’m doing this post is because I really want to move to London next year to pursue my career as a fashion photographer and the way I have been overspending on clothes and shoes it seems very unlikely that it will happen for me. So I’ve decided to share some helpful tips that have helped me stop overspending and actually have helped me to start saving.

1. Set a Budget for monthly luxuries
If your working like me its best to set yourself a budget for monthly luxuries such as clothing, shoes, bags and other luxuries. If you set yourself a budget then you have a set amount of money you can spend a month without dipping into your savings.

2. Set up a separate bank account
This is a tip that helped me a lot, I opened a new bank account to set half of my wages to go into the account every month by bank transfer that way I hardly see the wages and forget that they are there.

3. Try to spend less time shopping online and window shopping
You often browse online out of boredom or maybe you like to window shop when you’re out and about. Try to spend less time looking online and window-shopping, as it will help you avoid making unnecessary purchases.

4. Buy items you ‘need’ rather then items you want
The best thing to do before buying anything is to sit down and figure out if you really need the item or you just want it. There has been many times where I have brought items because I really liked the style or shape of it and realized when I got home I had two of exactly the same thing.

5. Go out less
This applies to dining out as well as going out clubbing, I noticed on nights out that I spent about £80 on drinks without realizing it, which is quite dangerous. If your going to go out I would suggest taking out a set amount out of the bank and keeping your bank card home. I would also suggest to eat out less it would save you so much more money.

Do you have any useful tips to add?

27 July 2014

Camera Wish list

As many of you are aware that I am a fashion photographer, I usually go London ever now and again to do photo shoots. Blogging is a hobby to me but also something I really enjoy. I currently use a Canon 5D mark II which is an amazing camera but for blogging and Vlogging it’s very heavy and hard to carry around and it’s also very expensive to take around daily. I would like to carry my camera around everyday to document my days and also Vlog about events such as Commonwealth games I’m going to on the weekend it would have been amazing if I had a small enough and lighter camera to document my weekend in Glasgow. So above is my camera wish list, which is a Canon 600D which I would like to use for video and daily use. The second image is Canon 24-70mm 2.8, which is amazing lens, I would like it to complete my lens collection in my professional photography gear.

Do you currently have a camera wish list?